We are GamerStory working under the name of Barq Al-Mustaqbal Trading Corporation and officially registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with commercial registration number: 2050143553

payment methods

How to buy at GameStory

Simple and easy

  1. Add the products you want to your shopping cart
  2. Click on the complete order button to go to the payment page
  3. After that, choose the payment method that suits you and pay via

Apple Pay, you must enter from the Safari browser directly!

If the payment is by debit card or credit card

Record their information

  1. Check the box to accept the pledge ✅
  2. Click on the complete payment button and complete the payment
  3. Congratulations on your product 🎉🥳

* How to take advantage of the offers provided with the products? The discount coupon is not accepted with the offers

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