Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers:

Vouchers of different values to buy from gift cards online and the most popular in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf

Now and exclusively, you can buy the electronic gift cards that you want from the Game Story store instantly, guaranteed and safely for various stores.

Welcome to the store of charge cards and digital games

In the event that you want to gift a friend, brother or colleague, but you do not know what is the appropriate gift!

Do not be confused and let him choose the gift that he wants from the various instant gift cards , who can easily buy from our site or the site participating with us, at the value of the chosen voucher!

Various categories of gift vouchers are available and start from 25 riyals to 250 riyals, and from here you can see the packages for gift cards

Gift card purchase information:

The code is sent via a text message or viewed in the list of requests from here

Can be used for the voucher on the website of the Game Story store or the participating stores if it is for another store or store

How to use:

And because we in Qamir Story, we don't like difficulty and always easy...

All you have to do is inform the person you are gifting to choose the appropriate product and put the discount code "coupon code".

Automatically, the value of the voucher will be deducted from the total amount, and if it is a store, the voucher code will be delivered to the cashier and the exchange will be made.

Terms of use of the voucher on our website:

* The coupon is used for the same value and is valid for all products within the site.

*The e-voucher card is only valid for one transaction/one time use and cannot be re-used.

* You must log in to the account on the site you want to purchase from, our website or the application (if any) before using the code.

*The voucher card cannot be exchanged for cash or extended upon its expiry date.

* Coupon is not refundable or exchangeable after purchase.

* The voucher is for one time use and is valid for one year.

* All vouchers are delivered immediately via mobile number or email, or you will find them in the order list .

The Game Story website contains different and varied cards that meet everyone's needs in different categories and cover brands that meet your needs of game cards, shopping cards, and others...

Available e-cards:

iTunes Saudi and American iTunes Cards

PUBG Multi Charging Cards

· PlayStation Saudi and American PlayStation Store cards

Distinguished RAZER GOLD

· And many more as well

If you want to add coupons for your store or you want coupons for a specific store

Email us here:

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